Liz Pickett


Liz has been painting since 1988, her first love is Watercolour but she also likes mixed media & print making. A personal style has developed over the years covering a wide range of subjects.Liz divides her time between the UK and Ireland.

Exhibitions to date ...

International Watercolour Soc. workshop 2001.

Indigo Art Annual Exhibition 2003 - 2011.

Sisters Exhibition, Dublin 2006.

International Festival of Watercolour, Bellagio, Italy 2008.

Art Now Exhibition 2009/2010/2011/12.

Vivartis 2010, 2011.

KD Fine Art, Compton 2012.

Member of 'Art Now' Studio at Tongham & Ochre Print.

Art Work for Sale

Visitors welcome by appointment.

Milton Wood





tel: 01483 415825


web: Liz Pickett Art

  • Koi: Watercolour 60cm x 40cm x 2cm
  • Canal du Midi: Reduction Print 60cm x 40cm x 2cm
  • River Wey at Milton Wood: Watercolour 90cm x 70cm x 5cm
  • Wave Study 1: Watercolour 55cm x 40cm x 3cm
  • Storm Brewing: Watercolour 50cm x 45cm x 2cm
  • Autumn fields: Watercolour 60cm x 50cm x 2cm
  • Rainy day beach walk: Oil on board 45cm x 35cm x 2cm
  • Tulips: Watercolour 60cm x 80cm x 2cm
  • Ugg Boots: Pastel 60cm x 80cm x 2cm
  • Tuscan School House: Oil on board 55cm x 40cm x 2cm
  • Wind swept sands: Watercolour 60cm x 50cm x 2cm
  • Chelsea Colours: Watercolour 55cm x 40cm x 2cm