Jeanne Argent


Most of my work is based on botanical subjects. The plant kingdom is a rich source of intriguing shapes which surprise and delight the eye. I use the plants in my garden as a starting point for drawings and small maquettes which I enlarge and alter to create three dimensional sculptures. Some of these are large enough to site in the landscape. I model in clay or plaster depending on the structure of the work, then make my own moulds and cast limited editions, usually in a natural material such as cement. I also produce silkscreen prints, fabric collages and small ceramics.

Commissions welcomed, artwork for sale

Limited disabled access, parking for 4 cars

Visitors welcome by appointment.


Guildford Road

Shamley Green




  • Physalis:
  • Green Man:
  • Swan Song:
  • Sussex Downs:
  • Tournesol:
  • Fanfare:
  • Winged Seed:
  • Promise:
  • Kernel:
  • Bud:
  • Three Graces:
  • Leaves and Berries: