Christine Charlesworth SWA ARBS


Specialises in figurative sculptures and portraiture. Christine is inspired by the human figure and endeavours not just to capture a likeness but to show life and natural movement in each piece. Works in clay for casting in bronze or various synthetic resin finishes. Makes own moulds and produces all resin finished work.
Work comprises short-run limited editions and individual pieces to private or public commission.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Disabled access possible in all areas but difficult on gravel drive. Limited parking available.

Visitors welcome by appointment.

Broad Oak

Portsmouth Road





  • Joseph: Bronze Resin 686cm x 610cm x 400cm
  • Memories: Bronze on marble
  • Young Mother: Bronze Resin 32cm x 46cm
  • Water Carrier: Bronze Resin 36cm x 85cm x 40cm
  • Portrait of Tashi: Bronze
  • Winning Shot, portrait of Ade Adepitan playing wheelchair basketball: Bronze or Bronze Resin 60cm x 94cm
  • Tom: Bronze Resin
  • Fatherhood: Marble Resin 32cm x 24cm
  • Portrait of Ian Ricketts: Bronze
  • Conversation: bronze resin / marble resin 104cm x 45cm
  • Sprint: Bronze or Bronze Resin on steel 94cm x 64cm
  • Dignity: bronze resin 46cm x 38cm