Patricia Williams BA

Painter / Sculptor

Open Studio 2014 Patricia is inspired by the world about her, nature, form and light are important in her work which encompasses landscapes, still life, life drawing and wildlife. She loves to make a connection between these to create an underlying thought behind the obvious. "I am fascinated by the way that humans and nature interact and the desire to capture this sometimes results in more fanciful ideas. I use natural materials in my carving and 3D work to reflect this." Patricia also undertakes mural and trompe l'oeil work. She has examples of her work in both public venues and private collections.

Commissions welcome and artwork for sale.

Visitors welcome by appointment.

2 Manor Cottages

Hook Lane




tel: 01483 810214

mobile: 07733 236900



See also Robyn Horsburgh.

  • Autumn colour: Mixed Media 42cm x 29cm
  • Windy Walk: Woodcut 30cm x 23cm
  • Balancing stones 1: Oil on canvas 50cm x 70cm x 3cm
  • Autumn finds and jug: Pen and watercolour on watercolour paper 13cm x 12cm
  • Foraging Badgers: Acrylic and giclee prints 60cm x 45cm x 5cm
  • Flight of Summer Fancy: Watercolour pencils 35cm x 27cm
  • Lavender &Garlic:
  • Jesus Christ Lizard: Acrylic 45cm x 60cm x 3cm
  • Crumpled Poppy: Oil on canvas 60cm x 60cm x 5cm
  • Page from sketchbook, Summer Harvest: Pen and watercolour  24cm x 24cm
  • Toot for Joseph Technicolour Dreamcoat: Acrylic and Emulsion paint 350cm x 350cm
  • Spring Wood on iPad: iPad Art