Niki Hearnshaw

Painter / Ceramicist

Born in Africa, Niki has drawn and painted since her childhood in Ireland. She studied Fine Art at the University of Creative Arts (UCA)in her hometown of Farnham, Surrey. Niki's Studio/ Gallery provides a welcoming and informal environment in which to relax and view a wide variety of original artwork. Visitors are able to enjoy everything from large mixed media and abstract canvases to detailed illustrations on marble tile and stone and watercolour pieces. Niki is always happy to discuss any personal requirements for commissioned work.

commissions welcome and artwork for sale

Visitors welcome by appointment.


1 Lodge Hill Road

Lower Bourne


GU10 3QN

tel: 01252 737618

mobile: 07940 888089



  • Poppies: Mixed Media - Acrylic & Earth 100cm x 75cm x 2cm
  • Tropical Storm: Mixed Media 110cm x 90cm x 1cm
  • High Summer, Frensham Pond: Acrylics 30cm x 50cm x 1cm
  • Gliding Over Fields: Oil Pastels 20cm x 15cm x 1cm
  • Exposure: Textiles / Mixed media 50cm x 85cm x 1cm
  • Dinner Party: Indian Inks 20cm x 15cm x 1cm
  • Bottles, Evening: Watercolour / Pastels 40cm x 60cm x 1cm
  • Aztec Sun: Mixed Media - 2 canvases 120cm x 50cm x 2cm
  • Carousel: Charcoal / Inks 80cm x 60cm x 1cm
  • Bourne Woods, Snow: Watercolour / Inks 20cm x 30cm x 1cm
  • Copper Landscape: Mixed Media 60cm x 50cm x 2cm
  • Waterfall: Inks / Acrylics 90cm x 60cm x 2cm