Ulli Kaiser

Designer / Maker

Ulli creates unique pieces in bead crochet and silver, finding inspirations in old botanical studies and in the colourful materials themselves - not just conventional glass rocaille beads, but facet-cut vintage glass beads, pearls, shells, Swarovski crystals and tiny gemstones.

Meet the Artist: Ulli Kaiser

How did you first get started in the art world?

I studied Art Education and Textile Art at the “Mozarteum” in Salzburg, Austria. During my up-bringing I spent a lot of time with craftwork, influenced by my family, who are today glass artists and a sculptor. I always enjoy learning new crafts like mosaics, upholstery, bookbinding and felting. I came across beading and silver-smithing and finally felt that I could combine craft with art.

To someone who had never seen your work before, how would you describe it?

Organic, colourful, feminine and tactile. Delicate yet strong.

What’s your favourite piece of your work?

A pendant inspired by a closed hibiscus flower, the first of many sculptural pendants inspired by flowers and Venus flytraps.

What do you love most about being an artist?

Being able to evolve, to keep on learning. Not standing still, I love change.

Where do you seek inspiration in the local Surrey area?

Nature always keep me inspired especially flowers and plants. I also visit libraries, particularly seeking out books with old botanical prints.

What would you say to any artists starting out?

Learn your craft well to be able to exploit what you can do with it, you then can make it into art. Find your own voice and your niche.

Are there any other Surrey artists you particularly admire?

There are quite a few textile artists and ceramicists, in particular Claire Benn and Josie Townsend whose works are full of harmony and colours.

commissions welcome, jewellery for sale

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Visitors welcome by appointment.

St Marys

40 Poltimore Road




tel: 01483 533558

mobile: 07771 545114

email: ulli.kaiser@btinternet.com

web: www.ullikaiser.co.uk

  • necklace: bead crochet, silver, agate
  • pendant: bead work, silver
  • Ring: bead crochet, silver, vintage mink
  • bangles: freshwater pearls, crocheted, silver
  • necklace: freshwater pearls and beaded beads
  • earrings: bead work, silver