Charlotte Stockley

Ceramic artist

Charlotte’s Original Collection of work is made from both stoneware and porcelain clay. The mugs, plates and porcelain vessels are thrown on the wheel, while the tiles and decorations are hand-rolled in stoneware. The surface designs include hand-printed lithographs and applied decal transfers. Charlotte has also recently designed and made a new range of thrown porcelain 'midsurrey' tableware with twelve co-ordinated components. There is a fusion of ideas in the work emulating many of the mixed styles of ingredients used in cooking. The surface designs are bold and fresh.

Commissions welcome.

tel: 0208 5464423

mobile: 07939 599233



See also Cressida Borrett.

  • Small porcelain plates: Ceramic 13cm
  • Large porcelain plate: Ceramic 26cm
  • Thrown porcelain jugs: Porcelain 15cm
  • Porcelain vessels: Porcelain
  • Miniature thrown porcelain pinched jugs: Porcelain 6cm
  • Lithographic hand-printed alphabet tiles: Stoneware 10cm x 10cm x 1cm
  • Meat and two veg lithographic printed plate: Stoneware 30cm x 5cm
  • Big fish small pond plate: Thrown porcelain 26cm
  • Ant bowls: Thrown porcelain various sizes
  • Christmas tree decorations: Stoneware and decal transfers 7cm x 10cm
  • Stoneware bowls with hearts: Ceramic


see calendar see members calendarCharlotte Stockley's work can be seen at:

Festival of Crafts

Farnham Maltings

Bridge Square, Farnham, Surrey GU9 7QR

Saturday 18th Oct - Sunday 19th Oct

10am until 5pm (4pm Sunday)

Charlotte Stockley will be selling her range of thrown porcelain tableware and gifts with quirky surface designs. Also new for 2014 a collection of slipcast bone china work will be available.