Fleur Robertson B.A.

Photographer and Mixed Media Artist

Open Studio 2014 I'm chiefly a landscape photographer, with an additional interest in gardens. I also take still lifes, with a painterly effect in post processing. And horses are a lifelong fascination, so they are a source of inspiration also.

Recently, inspired by photographs seen in the 2013 RA Summer Show, I have experimented with a new technique, which I call 'colour washing'. This is printing photographs on watercolour paper and then altering the inks with a meticulous application of watercolour and water to soften their reality. The subjects that respond best to this technique are buildings, I've found.

Commissions welcome. Photographs as canvas prints and framed mixed media images for sale

On road parking available

Visitors welcome by appointment.

3 Christmas Pie Avenue





tel: 01483 811975

mobile: 07973 307325

email: fleur@takingtimephotography.com

web: takingtimecards.co.uk

  • Victorian Cottage Window: Colour-washed Photograph
  • Cotmandene cottages, Dorking: Colour-washed Photograph
  • Godalming Narrow Boats: Colour-washed Photograph
  • After Rain, Isle of Skye: Photograph
  • Leaded Light: Photograph
  • North Norfolk sunrise: Photograph
  • The Black: p
  • Venice: Photograph
  • Dawn over the Surrey Hills: Photograph
  • A Soft Afternoon: Photograph
  • The White Garden, Loseley Park:
  • Detail from Loseley in April: