Caroline Rutter

Stained Glass , craftwork and sculpture

Open Studio 2014 I am inspired by the diversity and beauty of the commons. My glass creations include real(and imagined) creatures which emerge lifelike from the workshop.
Treasured glimpses of kingfishers, butterflies, rare breeds, dancers and owls are crystallised into lingering, shimmering, colourful glass portraits.
New for 2013 is my use of fired stained glass paint in the medieval manner.
I combine glass with wood and metals as I explore its sculptural potential. Commissions welcome : dog portraits a speciality.

Art work for sale, commissions taken, including dog portraits for personalised large dog lead hooks.

Parking plentiful, disabled access, lovely walks on Bullswater and Pirbright Commons (and to the Fox Pub) from our door.

Visitors welcome by appointment.

Heath Mill

Heath Mill Lane

Fox Corner




tel: 01483 236559

mobile: 07884 341858


  • My Mind Has Been Dancing Akram Khan March 2012: Stained Glass (copper-foiled) 22cm x 38cm x 8cm
  • Tilly's New Dog Lead Hook: Stained Glass and Brass Rod 10cm x 14cm
  • On the Hodge Brook: Stained Glass (copper foiled) 45cm x 30cm x 1cm
  • Anthony and Cleopatra Enraptured (after David Nixon's Northern Ballet 2011 production of Cleopatra: Stained Glass, Mahogany and Oak 56cm x 40cm x 7cm
  • Ballet |Boyz & Nijinsky:
  • With my Body I thee worship: Stained Glass (copper-foiled)
  • Isadora Duncan in Rodin's Garden: Stained Glass (copper-foiled)
  • MArgot Fonteyn in Suspension: Sfained Glass 10cm x 14cm
  • TopCat and Sweet Pea Roundel: Stained Glass in Brass Came 26cm x 26cm x 1cm
  • Wisdom in the Dark?: Stained Glass with brass, steel and wood 40cm x 15cm x 2cm