Jen Smith


Silver Labyrinth is a range of jewellery created by designer Jen Smith.
Natural forms, animal spirits, symbols from folklore and the ancient past are bewitchingly entwined, inviting the wearer to enter into unworldly realms and celebrate the mystery
of life.
Each piece has a tale to tell.
A spell to weave.
All pieces are designed and handmade by Jen so each piece is unique.
Jen works in fine silver, sterling silver, precious and semi precious stones.

Jewellery for sale. Commissions welcome.

Visitors parking available

Visitors welcome by appointment.

17 Alvia Gardens

42-46 Benhill Wood Road




mobile: 07758 195141


web: silverlabyrinth

  • Druid Bird, fine silver : Fine Silver with magnesite egg
  • Lunar Hare, fine silver set with a spinel: Fine silver set with a spinel
  • Cresent Moon, fine silver and moonstone: Fine silver set with a moonstone
  • Sky Dreaming, fine silver and drenditic agate:
  • Medicine Frog, fine silver and peridot:
  • The Iceni are coming!, fine silver: Fine Silver
  • Owl in the Oak, fine silver and garnet:
  • Raven in Birdland, fine silver and black star diopside:
  • Seahorse, fine silver, emeralds and pearls:
  • Owl Spirit, fine silver and opal:
  • Wise One, fine silver: Fine Silver
  • Deep Jungle, fine silver and emerald: