Vicky Goodluck


The ceramics I make are intended to be used in an attempt to bring beauty to everyday life. I make domesticware pottery, reduction fired with the addition of oxides, sprigs and even glass.

Teapots, mugs, casserole dishes, jugs etc, all designed to bring enjoyment to eating and drinking! Why drink out of a mould made, boring old mug when you can drink out of a handmade Goodluck Pottery mug?

Practicing potter who loves an expected visitor

30 Baldreys




tel: 01252 722029

mobile: 07961 328288



  • Heart teapot with swirly handle: Stoneware 22cm x 22cm x 12cm
  • Jaunty jug 'The Daddy' with squiggly handle: Stoneware 25cm x 40cm x 14cm
  • Goblet cluster: Stoneware 8cm x 14cm x 8cm
  • Celadon lidded bowl with glass relief in handle: Stoneware 14cm x 16cm x 14cm
  • Casserole dish with strippy glaze: Stoneware 24cm x 20cm x 20cm
  • Raspberry fleck mugs with swirly handle: Stoneware 10cm x 12cm x 10cm
  • Rustic roasting dish with coffee pot with dolomite glaze: Stoneware 35cm x 9cm x 35cm